We Happy Few Preview

We Happy Few is one of the latest, most exciting, indie horror games released this year. It is developed by Compulsion Games and is already out on Steam Early Access and Microsoft Game Preview. Set in a marginal England (1960s) which is showed to be ravaged via struggle and rebuilt by way of delusional people. A place where you have to mingle along with the other natives who follow some of not so much of the special rules of the city.

On the full release later this year, it will be available for Windows, Xbox One Linux and Mac.

There are four different game features in the game that make it stand out:

  1. Interesting gameplay: The game is played with roguelike survival elements. You must discover ways to conceal in undeniable sight, so the happy residents of Wellington Wells don’t find you. If you slip up or do too much out of the ordinary, the resident might see you aren’t as joyful as them and turn your frown the other way up, forcefully. If you want to keep on surviving and eventually escape Wellington Wells you need to excel at stealth, conformity and combat.
  2. England in 1960s: Set in a retro-futuristic 1964s, you will discover a retro-futuristic and drug-fueled metropolis. Everything seems to be satisfied in Wellington Wells, together with the roads, the humans, and its omnipresent television personality, Uncle Jack! But, the world is on the brink of crumble. Soon the secrets of the world of Wellington Wells and why everyone is so happy will be found out.
  3. The Story: The characters in this game are not what you would typically find in a horror game. There are no heroes; they are simply men and women warped by way of the trauma their world has been through. Every man or woman has its personal storyline filled with dark humor, hope, and even a gap of redemption.
  4. Repayable: If you lose in the game, that’s it – there is no turning back. Game over. Time to start a new game. This is because it’s designed to be replayed: Whenever you die, you’ll restart in a modern-day metropolis. With a new procedural generated city every time, it’s a new experience every time you play. Change the world how you like, different characters, different playstyles and for every time you learn a bit more about the way to live to tell the tale of the city.

Early Verdict Review

The biggest threat “we happy few” faces is that it won’t grow to be the game we need. On this early access game, it is now, it’s both disturbing, terrific and thrilling, however also drab, repetitive and can feel like a bit of an excessive amount of tough work.

However, the beauty of early access is that it allows the game to expand and evolve, with any luck focusing greater on what is lovely in Wellington Wells and the stealth motion gameplay, and fix things that don’t work. I absolutely hope so and desire that We Happy Few’s completed stories do the great setting and the game it is today justice.