Slender: Lost, do you still remember?

Ok, ok I know, you might be wondering why would I even bother to write about another Slender-inspired game, I was sick of them, you were too, but now that it doesn't anymore seem that usual, I figured out that this one could have been worth a shot. And surprisingly, it was, its brand new demo V.10 released not so long ago by Elevation Productions made me remember why people used to love such things. Moreover, despite of the label, Slender: Lost consists already in a full game, and I'm sure that you're going to enjoy it quite a lot.

You know what it is, it's a first person survival horror that comes with the same basics as any other Slender game. However, this time you know you are in a dream, you go to sleep to then wake up at the gates of a forest that is probably going to eat you alive, and aside the 8 pages required to be able to escape, you're going to be needing a lot of batteries to keep your flashlight functioning. The environment is much more disorientating though, the heavy rain makes everything harder to be seen clearly and the forest is absurdely complex, which essentially translates into the technical inability of keeping track of where you've been previously.

The locations where the pages can be found are unexpected, but what makes them so special is a kind of repeating whispering that will turn your blood into ice the first time you hear it, especially by having a pair of good headphones - very, very recommended. In addition, since I just remembered that I used to go crazy on this, I'm glad to claim that the game features also the chance of adjusting the mouse sensitivity by simply checking the pause menu. Slender: Lost is still being tweaked here and there in order to guarantee the most pleasant horror experience you can get, but the fact that the feared enemy won't even try to touch you while having your light off and looking toward a different direction seem "too much" to me.

It can be played either on you browser - it takes time to be fully loaded - or by downloading it from GameJolt. It was nice to dive deep in the past with it, you shall do it as well!


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