Kickstarting Neverending Nightmares, an unique psychological horror

I like to play games with a solid background, but I also love to know more about the process that brings the concept to life, how ideas are conceived, basically. As a matter of fact, Matt Gilgenbach that you might know from his previous arcade rythm game Retro/Grade, has subtantially changed his development course announcing a completely new genere-wise adventure on Kickstarter known by the name of Neverending Nightmares. A mind bending experience mainly inspired by his very own troubles with obsessive-compulsive disorders that is now asking for $99,000 to be successfully made. There's a tech demo available just for Windows, but the eventual target is extended to Mac, Linux and even the crowdfunded Android console Ouya.

It's a 2D psychological horror greatly focused on exploration of a mansion in which all the story will take place. Moreover, although the goal is to recreate a tense atmosphere where the fear is supposed to slowly crawl through your nervous system, Neverending Nightmares got rid of the survival aspect implementing a few elements of light combat while at the same time promoting a more stealth-ish approach. I have to say, it felt almost unreal that a game so early in development managed to scare me in more than an occasion.

The hand drawn artwork is inspired by Edward Gorey's macabre style, and just like we're seeing more often, there will be the black-white-red coloring scheme known to be astoundingly good when it comes to get into rather bloody scenes. Wrap all this up with a dark ambience sound, perhaps a creeking floor here and there, and you should get the idea - although I don't know why wouldn't you try the demo to see by yourself. Then again, Neverending Nightmares will also come with an incredibly variety of crossroads that will influence the gameplay based on the decisions you take along the sequence of nightmares you're going to have. The question remains just one though, will you be able to recognize the limit between the dream and reality? Waking up in a different place from the one you were used to can be pretty mentally frustrating, but the non-existent HUD won't let you know how is this going to affect the events during your wakefulness.

Neverending Nightmares can be backed on its Kickstarter, and providing you're on a machine running Windows the free download of the basic, yet already terrifying demo is right beneath the video - that I suggest you to check to have a more in depth explanation.


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