Kickstarting Lucid: The Awakening, a horror lucid dreaming simulation

I woke up today with a renewed will of making things happen, it has to be the sun shining up in the sky after 2 days of non-stop raining, or perhaps my newly acquired job as a writer for Gioco Indie, which by the way, if you understand some italian, there, is where I'll also be talking about indie games from now on. But whatever, this article isn't about me, instead, I'm writing this early to give Lucid: The Awakening some well deserved exposure. It's going to be the very first title of Voxcore, and they're so close to make it that it would be too sad to see their Kickstarter fail at this point.

Lucid is going to be all about experiencing nightmares on purpose to test the concept of lucid dreaming, and despite it having no demo builds for us to give it a try, the gameplay trailer is moderately self-explanatory. The game will come with 9 levels, each of which representing a specific nightmare with a goal strictly connected to the environment you're going to be dreaming of, plus, even the usual foe will be highly based on the level.

First and foremost, the game is going to be a survival horror, and since there will be the absence of any kind of combat, the levels will feature a lot of tactical hiding spots to fool the villain who will anyway roam the map in search of fresh meat. To keep track of it, a heartbeat system has been developed, where as you tend to approach the evil creature it will substantially increase in the hopes that you will decide to change your direction accordingly. However, providing you have what it takes to remain enough calm, the other choice will also be to distract your chaser instead of passively hiding - which would be the way I will always prefer!

Technically, Lucid: The Awakening needs a little more than $300 to be funded, which may seem like nothing to anyone who's pretty used to see way more bigger numbers. The fact, is that those 300 bucks are 15% of the minimal total they were hoping for, and with just 3 days left on the countdown, we can make this happen! Find anything you need on the Kickstarter campaign, read, think, and help them out if you can.


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