Pack of Horrors coverage: Parasite

Second day, second game. Obviously, I couldn't really avoid speaking of Parasite, as it actually is the only 3D first person jammed game came out of Pack of Horrors, but don't be afraid, I wouldn't care to mention it if it wasn't any good. It's just that, knowing how the audience reacts to my articles, I basically learned what are you guys looking for the most.

Parasite can be easily recognized as the common first person survival horror lacking on the story side but certainly capable of making you jump at its own will. But before getting into it, let me clearly state that I haven't really finished the game - assuming there's a way of finishing it. The time that I could invest trying to get something out of it was entirely spent, and I sure found something: a premature death. The game proceeds at a sustained pace, but aside from knowing somehow that you're supposed turn on switches scattered around an underground maze - perhaps the sewers - you're pretty much clueless. The dark mood presented to the player is remarkable considering that it's been developed in 3 days, however, the mechanics are what I loved the most. Despite the dubious functionality, your mouse wheel is needed to turn up/down the light coming out of the latern you're carrying, and if that wasn't already enough, on the right hand you'll also have a chalk that you'd better use to draw big "Xes" on the floor in order to don't get lost.

As I silently anticipated, the shadow-like entity that haunts the sewers is supposedly attracted by the light, but yeah, I wasn't able to test if the feature was actually working - which I really think it doesn't. The movement is definitely a bit slippery, I have to be honest, but I how can we really judge a game that brings on the table so much innovation, right? Jokes aside, Parasite does his job very well, because although I was continuously playing around with the light to avoid whoever wanted to devour my soul as much as I could it resulted in a complete failure. Sooner or later it will find you.

Be advised, the game freezes when you get caught, it has nothing to do with your PC, but the image you're left with couldn't be worse. Parasite can be downloaded for free on the Pack of Horrors game list, good luck!


Mario Silva

I see great potential in this game, are you gonna realese an updated version sometime soon? :)

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