Pack of Horrors coverage: Killing Moon

If you're into indie games, and Creepy Gaming is not the only indie-related site that you follow - which I anyway don't believe there's anyone who does that - you may have been wondering why didn't I even mention the Brazilian 72h game jam Pack of Horrors that was held at the end of July. A horror-oriented jam seems totally like something in need of a spot here, right? That's true, so, here's a brief story: Firstly, I didn't even know about it until a few days ago when several games that popped out of it got featured on other websites, and again, my limited time makes me unable to write as much as I would like. But now that I had the chance of playing all the games, I decided that I wanted to share at least my top 3, one at a time; a coverage that may be even extended throughout what's left of this August depending on a lot of elements. My first pick is going to be JoyMasher's Killing Moon, a game that surely stood among the others for its spot-on atmosphere rather than relying on those few concise jumpscares.

It's a mouse only adventure RPG with extremely detailed retro graphics that features 3 playable characters that you have to keep alive. It's Halloween, and as in any stereotyped high school there's a costume party that turned the gym into a dancefloor. The slow pace will make you wander through the school looking for items with no apparent purpose before actually bringing you in the drama all of a sudden: the lights will go out, a scream will echo reaching every room and soon enough, you'll realize that a bloodthirsty killer is on your trail. The fun fact, is that you're going to be retracing that night's events from different character's perspectives, and regardless of what you previously did, the slightly different circumstances will tremendously alter the moves needed to survive.

The idea is as fascinating as hard to be implemented, I would say, because it sure is a game that I want to recommend, but at the same time it contains a handful of little discrepancies that undeniably break the flow. Moreover, since we're already on things I didn't like, I feel like I should also mention how annoying the movement is, in more than one occasion you're going to be stuck, or in need of walking a lot just to reach a point that was so close initially. I can understand everything, but adding on top of the generally slow sequence of events the loss of precious time drove me crazy.

But that's about it. Even if it seems that I'm being overly upset that's really not the case. It's just that I already require a lot of time to figure out how to progress by myself; having to fight with controls wasn't really contemplated. So, if you're into point & clicks or even adventure games, Killing Moon might be a good choice. It's playable for free on Kongregate!


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