Flash Frozen, an overly "cool" new indie horror game

All of a sudden, high quality horrors decide to pop out, most of them being still in the making or not quite ready in regards of other technical issues, but as in this case, we've already seen pre-releases capable of great things. Flash Frozen for instance, other than having won the 2013 E3 College Games Competition, it's supposed to be released for Mac later on, and moreover, it's possible to play it only if you own a 360 controller right now - keyboard version is on the way. That seemed me quite strange considering that I bought myself a joypad literally a couple of days ago to start playing a few games how they were supposed to be played, it's just like, I felt the need of owning one right before stumbling upon today's adventure.

It's a fine quality first person survival horror worth nearly half a hour of gameplay, I'd say, and on top of telling a story that really stands out from what we are used to see, Flash Frozen is an excellent example of how scary games don't need to have too much gore in order to being impressive. Also, the addition of well-conceived puzzle elements and even a bit of platforming that keep you company throughout your immersive quest for your own survival made my ability of believing that this is just the result of the effort of a few students diminish more and more. But that's it, we really owe one to these guys for having created such a solid experience.

You're what's left of the crew of a ship which crashed into a iceberg several days back, what was a pretty sumptuous vessel, it's now a cold shipwreck. People have struggled to keep themselves warm, but every day the survivors count became lower, and from the few written notes you're going to find throughout the game, the story from comrades who didn't quite make it perspective will be told. The horrid tale of the "living ice" will be slowly unvelied, but that's the truth, there's something lurking in the shadows, an entity capable of moving entire walls of ice just for the sake of killing you. The progress is achieved by setting on fire trash cans, water needs to be avoided as it will cause you to lose body heat faster, but it's still damn cold, and if you can't find something to keep you warm every now and then there will be nothing but death for you.

So, if you have a 360 controller and you're not as bad as me when it comes to play first person games with the dual sticks, you should totally check Flash Frozen now. It's free, it's good and the torrent is stored on the official site, I wouldn't waste a second more if I were you.


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