Asylum Jam will fight the horror stereotypes this October

My fellow indie news hunters at Indiestatik wrote earlier about a newly conceived jam that I knew I was already interested in just by reading the title. Now, I feel the urge of letting you all know about it, and not just because this is going to bring out games symbiotically connected to what we love the most, - horror, that is - but also because there's actually a whole deeper significate that stands behind the scenes, which no matter what, I sadly feel closer to my life than anyone else who's going to read this - I hope. But enough of that, I'm not entirely ready to unveil that much of who am I aside being known for spending way too much time on my PC.

So, Asylum Jam is specifically a 48 hours horror game jam that will take place in October. Furthermore, just like in any other competition, a few restrictions had to be put, whether it is to promote innovation or simply because people like to see developers struggling with dilemmas I've yet to understand, though it's anyway well accepted as an integral part of nowadays' concept of jamming.

And although in this case these guidelines may not seem as strict as in many others, it's all about fighting with horror stereotypes strengthened by released, and other very anticipated scary titles. Because despite the title, the point of Asylum Jam is to put an end to the defamation of psychiatric institutes, patients and doctors. The humanity fears what's different in principle, and I know that most of you would feel uncomfortable in situations, or perhaps people, that I've mentioned just a couple of lines above. It's how our brain works, nothing to condemn here. Unfortunately, it looks like we're unconsciously taking part to a massive denigration of what we should respect the most, to be honest.

Time to leave mental health by itself, I'd say; and from the 11th to the 13th of October we're going to have the proof that it can be easily done. I'm expecting great jumpscares, you should too! Asylum Jam's website is live here, where in addition of the rules, there are examples of games that are not taking advantage of the aforementioned settings/people and much more extras.


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