A humble first look at Betrayer, the Steam early access

What happens when AAA veterans decide to go indie? Perhaps we should ask to Blackpowder Games and their first title which has been on Steam as early access for quite a long time now. Despite me being super late to the party, I thought I could anyway write down my first impressions of the roughly 30 minutes I've been into Betrayer. Keep in mind that I'm not used to treat a lot of commercial releases since I often feel frightened of recommending a game which might not be worth all the money it's charged for, however, I would also like to make you realize that no matter how bad the reviews are, it's pretty rare that a game will result in a complete waste of money. Writers on big sites often tend to go too far with their criticism, but I would bet that it's all because they're too used to get every game for free thanks to the so called "press builds", and even get paid to play them!

On to the game now, Betrayer is a first person shooter with quite a lot of stealth involved, though what really catches your eyes immediately is the awesome looking monochromatic visuals that are occasionally altered by a bright red which often means troubles. It tells the story of a colonist sent from England to help out a settlement in Virginia, we're in 1604, and the battle for the supremacy on the coast with spanish is taking place. Unfortunately, right as you land, you find yourself in a surreal situation where not only your mates seem to be disappeared, but the filthy spaniards have been cursed. They now act more like mindless beasts than humans.

The game is very open world-ed considering it being just a single player experience, and if you'll ever complain about the lack of directions you're a bad person. In fact, that's part of the developers' plans, you're supposed to be dealing with a horrible mystery after all, wouldn't it be just too easy if they told you how to solve it? The combat is smooth, all the foes I foud till now just required a couple of arrows to be taken down, plus, the chance of looting their corpse make you eventually able to purchase weapons and charms - which are upgrades - from none other than... a chest. I haven't been able to go through much of the content, though I learned that when I start to hear some unsettling moaning in the distance it's better to crouch and wait for your prey to come at you. The death system is also pleasing, which consists in respawning to your latest checkpoint and walking back to the place where you died in order to get back all your previous loot.

If I'd ever have to summarize the article I would come up with just two words: BUY IT! By buying Betrayer for 13.99€ on Steam you'll firstly get it at a reduced price, but you also help Blackpowder Games as they keep on developing this astounding game.


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