Asylum Awaits, another indie horror game breaks through

A torchlight, darkness all around and something to be afraid of, here's how to summarize in a couple of words how are 2013's horror games, and yet, even though I know exactly what to expect, there will always be a few new releases that make me scream like I never did before. And that, my friends, is what instatly make me realize that the game has already earned a place in here. Today I'm going to be writing my first impressions on Jacob Nyobo's Asylum Awaits, a relatively new adventure that will haunt my dreams for a good while now that I've played it.

It all starts off with a bit of an introduction, you're going to be playing as Jason, a man who never went to the Asylum where his friend, Roger, has been put since 10 years. Despite the promises and the many letters that came along during the years you decided to meet him just now, because you somehow that something strange has happened - at least you know why you're there huh. The entrance hall is scarcely illuminated, and no personnel seem to be around, but one thing's certain, that place doesn't look like an asylum anymore, everything seem to be out of place and abandoned since years. Though, while I perfectly know that darkness plays always the main role when it comes to create a horror game, I'm wondering if this time isn't actually too much, there are no possibilities of adjusting the brightness, and at some point, I had real hard times to orientate through the decayed building.

The game proceeds with the usual pace, the asylum is divided into a few areas unlocked by finding a small key, but if this doesn't sound exciting, let me clearly state that for once, the sound effects are what really make Asylum Awaits hitting the next level, a wide range of powerfully creepy jingles will perforate your brain throughout the whole experience. Believe me, the fact that whatever's making those noise seem so close to you is terrifying, they slowly build up an alarming status right to catch you with a very few jumpscares - it was a challenge, I was tempted to simply give up.

But then, if you have persevered, you'll end up in the basement, and the last recorder of a whole series with which Roger used to communicate with you will ask you to leave. And here is how will you probably die caught off guard. The unability to sprint combined with this frantic ending chase almost made me cry, and I dare you to finish this, well, because I honestly couldn't - I'd really love to know how does the game end haha. Asylum Awaits can be downloaded for free for PC, or even MAC, have fun with it!



Hey there,
if you still wonder how the game is ending you could watch my video:

By the way, thanks for all your suggestions! I played a lot of games you recommended and had a lot of fun, along with some agony.

So thanks again

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