Splatter - Just Harder Times, a top down apocalypse

So, I find myself writing about the newly released - and first Dreamworlds Development's commercial title - Splatter - Just Harder Times with about 10 hours of delay. I jumped in with very low expectations considering the 9.99€ price and the seemingly very well known gameplay proposed, though the truth is that I'm still trying to understand what actually managed to hook me this much. I can only admit that the game turned out to be genuinely compelling despite my initial skepticism, so here are my first impressions being about one hour and a half into it.

It's a story driven top down zombie shooter that has many reasons to stand among all the other straightforward titles that we've seen along our way. Splatter shines because of a very well planned storyline, gorgeous graphics enriched by the heavy usage of dynamic lights and various elements that trigger some wonderful nostalgia of the good times. On the downside though, if I really have to pick what just doesn't seem to be on top of the great adventure, well, that would be the sound effects, which are definitely a bit behind before matching the otherwise great level of neatness - but that's just my humble opinion.

You get to control a mysterious character right when this whole new take at all the zombie apocalypse thing explodes, it's not just the premium formula "get bit and you're one of them" - or at least not that I know. At the point where I am, I've seen already a fair variety of monsters, there are common zombies paired with more lethal creatures and the fun part, is that they're all afraid of a certain frequency of light, which instantly makes lightning flares a more needed resource than bullets. But the feature that really amused me like just the old-school shooters were able to do, is the reintroduction of scenes that reminds of the epic boss fights I used to love and hate at the same time, but just because I've never been good under pressure. There are checkpoints always ready to record your progress when you forget about saving and lots of side-quests that you can freely choose to get involved with or not.

And this was technically it, though I feel that I still haven't mentioned what really makes this game hit the next level. Because together with a well polished gameplay, Splatter represents also a thoughtful process of humanity revaluation, in fact, the game will be ofter suspended by introspective moments of the main character, and I ultimately think that the suspicious man presented to us in the beginning will eventually understand that not everyone is as despicable as he though.

So, although the game's original language is german, the subtitles are enough to bring you in the delicious atmosphere of despair and cruel warfare that the game is supposed to recreate. Buying Splatter - Just Harder Times can be a moderate monetary effort, but it's totally worth it, and I suggest you to head on their site and do it!


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