Pizza Delivery updated to 0.2, but is more like 2.0

Remember when we first stumbled upon Pizza Delivery? Well, Shahabaz Khan has recently released the new 0.2 version, and with undeniable surprise, I played through a whole new interactive fiction. The story has been majorly revisited, the graphics received an insane enhancement and I'm glad to say that sparkle of innovation that I had seen back in the days, now it has exploded, turning the good idea into an actual horrific game.

Despite the premise being identical to the previous version, our pizza boy this time is suffering from achluophobia - the fear of the darkness - so, while you'll be always invited to come inside by the girl who ordered your goods whereas she looks for her wallet upstairs, the unexpected power cut will slowly drive our main character in a state of hallucination because of his disease. The confused graphics associated with your altered mind will kick in, and from that point, stay sure that you can't trust any inanimate or living entities around the much more wide house. In addition, you won't be dealing with nonsense floating corpses and all the other previous things that really felt out of place, instead, this time you'll dive in a story that is much more realistically structured, other than guaranteeing at least 10 minutes of tense gameplay.

But don't misunderstand me, I'm not trying to say that Pizza Delivery has finally become the definitive horror game that is supposed to finally oust Slender from its yet unclaimed throne. Most of the dialogues are still displayed only textually with the standard Unity output box - horrendous to say the least - and there are an awfully huge number of graphic glitches but still, I had the goose bumps from the beginning to the end regardless. In short, the atmosphere is completely nailed, but the visuals overall still need to be polished. Needless to say that this anyway is a great step forward through the development of Pizza Delivery, now I demand more!

Download Pizza Delivery 0.2 for free from Shahabaz Khan Production's official site, stay calm, and rush into this completely overhauled horror game! Windows and Mac links can be found right below the image.


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