My Only, a non-linear new pixelated horror

Ah yes, we have already heard of Lord Gavin Games, but for those who can't remember, he's the one who made the great Kilobyte a while back. Yesterday, his latest game named My Only has finally been released  still following the pixelated horror path chosen, and obviously, mantaining even this one completely free of charge. And although the general formula is still the same, it's undeniably clear that My Only represents firstly his personal maturation in terms of development skills and storytelling, so, despite it anyway having a few downsides that I'll make sure to include at some point, here are my first impressions.

As I just previously stated, it's a brand new 3D pixelated horror developed in Game Maker, but unlike any other game that would fit in this sub-genre of horror games, it isn't linear, and it offers a wide range of choices that will ultimately shape the way you reach the end. The place in which all the game will take place looked like a park to me, but then some clues seem to suggest that we're in a graveyard, it rains, and the opaque colors that surrounds you are particularly soothing, just as the background music - which by the way is composed by Vonyco, great stuff. But that's just the beginning, because as you move forward you get to deal with the darker side of the game, whether you chose to go in the depths of the dark celler or through the maze of trees it doesn't matter. At some point, the time for jumpscares will come.

The story is quite intricate, you seem to have lost a loved one, but then something tells me that you didn't simply lose her, are you somehow involved in the whole thing? I guess that the only answer lies just at the end of the game, the moment when you'll open the gate perhaps will unveil what's behind this mysterious tale, but being still struggling to finish it, I can't really tell.

The game comes with a very known main mechanic to us, the concept of gatering pages scattered around the environment was about to put me really off, but fortunately, this time the 12 pages are actually needed to add some more elements to the story that, otherwise, would look just like a real mess. On the other hand, I found My Only a little bit hard to get into, obtaining a key triggers a series of - damn scary - unidentified events, I know that they are related to the storyline, but they just seem a bit too random to be  fully appreciated. If the question would be: Did you like the game? I would honestly answer with: Not as much as I was hoping - still reminding that I'm nowhere near to finish it. But the amazingly spot on atmosphere combined with the aforementioned strange events - often leading to a death - did scare me so bad! Which is what the game is all about eventually.

My Only can be downloaded absolutely for free from GameJolt, don't understimate it, and be ready to face the ghost that's patiently waiting inside.


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