Eternal Solitude, a single player "cooperative" dark platformer

Sometimes, you just stumble upon games that beside the pretty standard gameplay are somewhat capable of dragging you in a sort of thoughtful mood that goes way beyond experiencing the bare challenge proposed by the physical obstacles you're going to face. In short, Eternal Solitude looked like my kind of thing just by looking at the title, - and the few preview screenshots of course - it has been developed by Bearific Games in Game Maker, and it clearly shows all the effort that has been put in the making from the beginning to the end. Game engine's limits are made to be called in question after all.

It's a free puzzle platformer divided in 20 levels that comes with overwhelming visual aesthetics that you wouldn't really expect from a pretty unknown game like it sadly is, in fact, although the simplistic cuteness of the character, Eternal Solitude is all about that awful feeling of being lost in the darkness. To which the mild piano music with occasional well marked beats contributes so bad, in all honesty. And if I can add, even the continuous transitions of background's opaque colors - ranging from a deep red to green - manages to create the ultimate mixture of loneliness and emotional despair with which you'll be soon get used to deal.

But if it wasn't for the gameplay I wouldn't really be here writing about it, it firstly proposes a very mysterious story about being essentially alone, and introduces to the player a girl that will be always standing at the end of every level just to disappear a moment before reaching her. Will you ever be able to get to her? And also, who's she? In all cases, she seems to be what brings you onwards, and I'm desperately hoping that in the end everything will be sorted out - Yep, I'm just about halfway into this.

The strong point of the whole experience is undoubtedly represented by the concept of playing 2 characters - you, and your very special spirit fragment - at the same time. Both of them with their own abilities are strictly needed to complete every single level, and the difficulty of the game stands right when it comes to the decide whether you should move forward with you physical body or simply scout the surroundings with your spirit. As your immaterial copy, you'll be able to walk over invisible platforms, interact with switches to create material paths and ultimately be able of lending to your mortal body a source of light. Just don't get fooled by the general adorableness of the first levels, the game does indeed become pretty hardcore around level 8.

Said so, I highly encourage you to head over GameJolt to download Eternal Solitude for free. It's definitely worth it!


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