Untitled, that's the title of this creepy flash game

Hey everybody!
Just a quick article this time, as I should really be downstairs studying more, but it seems like I have some kind of special power when it comes to finding really underground titles that match the whole purpose of this site. Today's pick, especially, proved to be nothing but a quite unsettling short story, and considering its lenght, I decided that I could also write down the main points of it - Let's hope that it won't take a lot, my time is unbelievably precious today!

Untitled is just another game hard to be categorized - and the title as usual, doesn't really help - but I'd assume that it can be seen as a black and while 2D sidescrolling puzzle game that undoubtedly recalls Limbo's aesthetics, another game that anyone with just a little background of such games have to know fairly well. This time though, you move a man that finds himself laying on the ground in a rather windy evening, and here's firstly what caught my attention certainly focused somewhere else, the atmosphere created by the calm kit of sounds that will most likely accompany your walk is surely relaxing, but odd nonetheless, you feel right from the beginning that something unusual awaits ahead.

You get the unloaded rifle found just a few steps away from where did you wake up and start to walk forward, a pleasant walk that will lead you right in front of a brutal crime scene inside of a wide open farmhouse. You don't know what to do, and the macabre view doesn't help. The fact is that, there's obviously nothing you can do other than keeping your way without turning back. And also because there are just a couple of puzzles that separates you from an end that caught me off guard just like a few endings managed to do until now, I'm usually pretty good at guessing finals.

Now, I can't deny that the devs could have made the few interactive parts a bit more intuitive, just like I won't deny that Untitled's pace is probably a bit too slow - the intermittent sound produced by your steps definitely cuts the atmospheric flow that, otherwise, would represent the main strength of the game. But as usual, I'm not here to judge whether a game is bad or good, I just felt like it could have been much better!
So, if it happens to have just 5 free minutes, a game like this one might just be what you need, there are no complex mechanics and even less reading business, it's just you, the directional keys and your spacebar.
Play Untitled for free on Kongregate and experience the creepy story along with it, it's totally worth your time.


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