Pizza Delivery, a thrilling short horror game

And here I am.
Today's featured game is here not because of the intrinsic horror elements - that really look in need of a major polish - but mainly because I've finally had the pleasure to play a first person horror game that doesn't really rip off any scheme or mechanic that we know too well nowadays - you know what I'm talking about.
Pizza Delivery it's an intense first person thriller-horror game that I assume that's being developed right now by Shahabaz Khan Production, considering that there's clearly stated "version 0.1". The game harks back to the less known myth of the poor pizza boy that finds himself in an unreal situation while making his last delivery at night, in fact,  you're going to be invited inside a very minimalistic house while the owner is looking for her wallet upstairs. Everything feels pretty much alright, there's Michael Jackson singing on the big LCD's screen situated in the living room, you leave the meal on the table and patiently start to wait the payment.
But here's immediately what's going to make your evening a little bit less conventional, the young lady on the floor right above your head screams, the lights go off and you're left with just a candle to see what's going on around you. Needless to say what to expect at this point: the horrific vision of the floating lifeless body terrifies you too much, but there's one more thing, you are now locked in. The phone rings, the pizza is taken out of the case, and you just want to get yourself out of that haunted house!
Eventually, though, it seems like you won't really  be able to do so, and instead, you will be caught by a strange entity - that doesn't look scary at all but the circumstances made me yell a few imprecations - and carried to a whole different dimension.
Now, I know that this might not seem appealing, and I also understand if you don't really want to check a game that I claimed to be far away from having an appropriate graphic level, but there's one little issue that during these days counts much more than that. The innovation, that is. We finally have a horror game that plays like a 3D interactive fiction and doesn't require to find any kind of unlikely items to beat it, because let's be honest, this is utterly what today's horror scene needs. Pizza Delivery means diversification, to me. And on top of that, the game should just need a few improvements here and there to already hit the next level.

Pizza Delivery can be downloaded for free on its official site, maybe a little bit of exposure could definitely make the dev willing to make this even better!



why cant I play its not letting me!!!!!! :(


how do i start the game?


u have to download the dame .-.

Luca Colosso

Alright guys, I saw that there are some problems finding the game, check out the latest post about Pizza Delivery, it's all there: Pizza Delivery 0.2


I wanna play!!!!1


there is no way I can play for some reason I tried every website


Just here bc of Pewdiepie.

ruth eliza



yes I play slenderman ...but how can I download pizza delivery free :(((


I'm not scared of horror movies or games they just crack me up because of the dieing and screaming and blood i finished slenderman and lots of other horror games plus i watch horror themes and movies at night


were can i play it


i wana play it but dont know how

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