Derp Till Dawn, My Little Pony's Slender

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It's been a while since the last time I wrote about a Slender-like game, but that's the truth, that wave of games - that certainly brought a few good ones - is probably ended, and even though I've never been a fan of remakes of any kind, with today's one - hopefully the last - I just want to go a bit further. In fact, I decided to choose this because it seems like the mix between horror games and My Little Pony series is incredibly growing in popularity, from some rather old creepypastas to the most recent mods of well known games, these little winged horses are too often associated with something that goes well beyond the satisfaction and enjoyment of one of the biggest internet fandoms named as Bronies. Are these games made by bronies themselves? Do they offend them? That's something that I would really love to know, guess I'll have to investigate.
Derp Till Dawn, other than being an isometric - 3D at given times - free flash Slender-like game that I found recently, has also Derpy as the one and only playable character, which is definitely the most controversial pegasus of all time for reasons that I won't really mention for the sake of this article. The game starts, as you would imagine, in a forest where you're supposed to collect your first pages by simply following the highly mimetic path on which you're put on. Slenderman, though, will show off pretty early, but with a good usage of your Z button to sprint you should be more than ok, until you reach a house whose door is going to be locked if you have missed any page located outside.
Otherwise, while going in, the graphics will suddenly change, becoming a fairly sketchy 3D game where, like if you were really playing as Derpy, your sight is partially covered by the yellow fringe in front of your eyes. Somehow, this stage gave me the chills a few times, the chances to get caught by the white figure in jacket become exponentially higher and dying, well, was surprisingly horrifying considering that Derp Till Dawn is just a flash game. So, aside the rip off that transposed the grey Derpy in a Slender game, it's genuinely a decent scary game and I'm glad I've played it, don't be embarassed, give it a chance and try at least to reach the house.

Derp Till Dawn can be played on Newgrounds, it's a lightweight game that can actually scare you and actually, it's even fairly difficult to completely finish it.


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