Anonymous Messages, beware of evil trees

Hello readers and strangers!
I didn't really follow the development process that turned the very early build that I used to play a couple of months ago into the game that I'm now going to be presenting to you, everything's totally changed, I had now the pleasure to play a game with its own twists and most importantly, its own things to be afraid of.

Anonymous Messages is a first person 3D pseudo-horror game developed by Bug Games using the Unity engine, I played it directly on my browser using the Web Player, but there's also a standalone executable of it, that I didn't check though. The seemingly absent storyline casts the player in a forest at night; having no memories, you start to wander through the foggy setting looking for recorded messages that should mean something to you, but nothing will make sense until the sixth recorder will be found - which will trigger immediately the ending scene. So, on top of coming out with a few interesting concepts to make the gameplay definitely more tense, - getting there in a moment - Anonymous Messages has a real story, a pretty simplistic one, but that's what such games need! At least you get to play a game that, regardless of how sketched it is, gives you the feeling of doing whatever you have to do for a specific reason. Even if you'll realize it right after having beat it.

Anyhow, the recorders to gather are going to be signaled by well marked sparkles and are going to be situated always in pretty clear areas characterized by crates and, well yeah, a lot of graves. But let's get to what made me write about it, shall we? 

In fact, the game offers a quite innovative mechanic that make you a bit more in a hurry than how you should be, you have to deal with your heart, and the only way to keep it beating at a normal rate is to actually make some progress. Reaching 250 BPM will kill you with no excuses, obtaining a message resets the counter - that you can anyway hear fairly well - at 60, the beats grow at a slow pace and if it was just this, I could have gone for a coffee downstairs without even going close to the dangerous tachycardia.

So here's where the horrendous jumpscares come in handy, a few hard to notice trees will have a pretty hostile behaviour, I believe that everyone's heart will definitely start to pound faster if a scary tree would attack him. As you proceed, though, you'll be able to recognize them, but that's exactly how is the game supposed to work: it's an astounding challenge in which you have to keep calm while paying attention to threatening entities and your heartbeats. 

Anonymous Messages can be either played or downloaded on GameJolt, once you get used to it, it isn't even hard to complete it.


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