State Of Decay, gorgeous upcoming sandbox zombie-survival

What's up guys and gals?
It's a pleasure for me when it comes to write about something that I'm really looking forward and this time, with no exceptions, I'm going to discuss a little bit about the major features that this upcoming title will have for us, get a beer, relax and let's go!
State of Decay is an open-world zombie survival game that is currently being developed by Undead Labs, a Seattle based studio formed in 2009 by illustrious figures of the MMO scene such as their CEO Jeff Strain - which shouldn't really sound new if you played a bit of World of Warcraft or Guild Wars. But then you might be thinking, what's the difference between this one and the widely criticized The WarZ, for instance, or even the much more polished Arma II mod DayZ?
Quite a lot of things to be honest: State of Decay is actually going to be a single player, - although no one denied the chance to make it evolve in an MMO if their plans go as everyone would hope - secondly, assuming that the above trailer is made of in-game footage, the graphics, everything looks so astounding that it almost feels unreal. And as last, of course, that little sandbox thingy that is slowly  becoming a requirement rather than a - surely enjoyable - feature.
Undead Labs is basically promising the definitive survival adventure right on PC and Xbox Live, the final quest for your life where the realism is the only true word that rules over the - always different - game worlds. Resting is going to be as important as actually battling zombies that have found your shelter, eating, drinking, every single thing will count.
But State of Decay wants to be even better, on top of all the fancy stuff already explored, in fact, another key feature where the developers want to stress on is the concept of the vanishing semblance of society, because if I got that right, it looks like you're totally encouraged to break in buildings, steal resources, kill whoever steps around and definitely perform any action that would have been considered as any form of crime.

The questions are still a lot, the pros are many but as we are sadly used to it, sooner or later the cons will start to pop out. We can just wait for June to prove ourselves that perfect games - as State of Decay honestly seem to be - exist. My time has come to an end, and I strongly suggest you to check the official site for anything else you might want know.


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