Spongebob Slenderpants, the newest Slender game

You read that right.
While we've already seen too many plain reinterpretations of the original Slender: The 8 Pages, we ran away from Teletubbies and Pokémon, things like this just seem like they won't stop coming out - I believe I've really seen someone joking about the possibility of making Spongebob as the next foe to be afraid of. Well, people started to take jokes too seriously maybe.
Anyway let's add Spongebob Slenderpants to the infinite list of Slender-like games that we've already tried. In this brand new free game that came out less than a week ago we're going to play as the mighty Patrick, and our goal is to gather 8 pages as the evidence that the mad Spongebob ran away from the sea to settle his new house in the woods - I know, does this make any sense? I'm not arguing huh, just questioning myself.
In this fairly simple setting there's a path to follow, but I still have to understand if all the pages are obtainable just by simply walking on the determined trail, - Couldn't beat the game yet - another quite surprising feature, aside from the dramatic sound that will be played when you'll see Spongebob, is that he won't stop while you stare at him. There will be no flickering screen, nor anything special when he catches you. Despite everything though, when the ghostly Spongebob will start to come closer you'll definitely freak out, guaranteed!
On top of this pretty clear gameplay, something else had to be added, - just to make the game more appealing I suspect - and that would be the glowstick mode, the same game with no flashlight, instead, you'll be looking for the pages you need just by holding - guess it - a glowstick. Which basically means facing Spongebob in the pitch dark, considering that you'll barely see less than a step ahead of you. As I'm anyway always providing just my simple first impressions, I must say, Spongebob Slenderpants is unbelievably entertaining and I didn't even came across enormous bugs, a well polished Slender experience that definitely should stand out in the crowd.

Download Spongebob Slenderpants for free on indiedb, or, if the link isn't working - like it happened to me - there's also a list of downloads for many platforms on the official site.



there is a spongebob house is in the water


If the link doesn't works is because you need an account, genius


hahahah little bit scary... :3

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