Over 9000 Zombies, the top-down shooter

Hey everybody!
Finally I found a game that provides nothing but infinite zombie killing without getting too boring after a short while. Over 9000 Zombies is a top-down arcade zombie shooter that is being developed in this very moment by a lonely programmer - I believe he's called Norel - using XNA, which means that the game will work only on a Windows platform as far as I know. An alpha version of the game can be already downloaded and played absolutely for free, a really early build that have been released for the solely purpose  of showing the basic gameplay that doesn't include features such as building your own base and way more weapons that are already scheduled.
What can I say, the shifting between daylight and night time works fairly well, the weapons already added work like a charm and it's truly fun to mangle hordes of dumb zombies, especially when you get the rocket launcher. Your maximum health is set to 100 and every hit you'll take it will drop by 10, however, chances that you'll get a health pack to instantly fulfill the medical gap are quite high - isn't it soo good to actually get everything you need just by keep on shooting walking corpses? As of now, nothing is clearly specified, a mere "soon" is when we can expect a more complete game to be released and if I got that right, it will be probably become a commercial game - meaning that you'll have to pay for it - using the DRM free model and a one time purchase to have infinite content updates as the game development will proceed.
Anyway, I wouldn't consider this as a problem of any sort, I feel like we should just enjoy the unwittingly entertaining alpha-demo over and over again, Over 9000 Zombies is already a game that we could consider as done, a pretty straightforward zombie killing to keep us entertained during the most boring afternoons.

Download Over 9000 Zombies for free on indiedb, oh, and keep an eye on the official site! Let's slain them all!



Looks cool! :)

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