Lumber Island, the first chapter is already terrifying

Get ready, this is a creepy one.
My two days off from writing brought nothing but a compelling need of playing games and thankfully, yesterday I found out that I missed quite a lot of interesting releases. And while I was playing a bit through all the titles that seemed appropriate, one did definitely catch my attention - it took me less than a minute to understand how did it manage to get featured on GameJolt's frontpage in almost no time.
Lumber Island is a free 3D first person horror adventure game that's being developed by Dean Forge using the Unity engine and just 2 days ago, the first chapter has been released leaving pretty much no doubts on how the final game is going to be. The wide range of graphical options make it playable for almost everyone, but if your PC has the specs required, I strongly suggest you to play it at the maximum quality, a couple of FPS lost are nothing in front of one of the most realistic free indie games that I've ever seen - seriously, obey me!
You wake up on a life-boat with no memories, the island that lies ahead of you seems like an old settlement now abandoned, but then, who did light the fire? Lumber Island - as the developer writes - used to be the prosperous place that supplied many craftsmen from all over the world with its rare wood, until oil was discovered beneath it. The pacific inhabitants were sent away from their home, and the island started to get squeezed till the very last drop. Since then, the place should have been completely empty, but once again, as you start to walk around, everything makes you think that someone - or something - is still there.
The game makes you solve shady puzzles giving a glimpse of what you should do next through vague hints, the foggy surroundings that you discover in the process of finding items required to move further are also enriched by an astounding usage of dynamic lights and shadows, everything just feels so overwhelming that when you will face the real threat, your heart will probably be asking you to quit the game instantly. And at last, I think that also the soundtrack is worth a mention, it changes as the situations shift, making every single part of the game a little bit more tense than what it should be.
Anyhow, as I already stated previously, this is just the first stable chunk of Lumber Island so, minor bugs have to be expected as it is nowhere near to be considered a complete game. Apart some troubles with the general readability of the gameplay though, I really had a good time with it.

Lumber Island can be downloaded for free right here, and keep in mind that more chapters are going to be added in the future.


Dean Forge

Lumber Island - Chapter II: The Light

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