Dark Corners, a 3D first person dark maze

This game has been chosen mainly because I understand that most of you might come by just to see if there's any news regarding purely jumpscary games, although I love writing  more about psychological adventures, - it's not that I hate straightforward horror games - I decided that today was the time to recover from my recent slide.
I spotted Dark Corners on GameJolt just yesterday, it's a tiny 3D first person horror game developed in Unity engine that slightly reminds of Amnesia, combined obviously with the "finding objects" scheme. The untold storyline just leaves you in a dark corridor with a map and a lantern, obviously confused, you start wandering through the tunnels that the map seems to be about. In no time though, you'll understand why should you be afraid, in fact, a - pretty funny if I can tell - monster preceded by a creepy strident noise will pop out. And here's where did I first freak out.
As usual, if you want to get out alive, you know you need some items to collect first, which they will be shown clearly in the upper right corner of the screen - I can understand that a knife might be needed to force a door, a compass can be useful too, but how about the red ruby or the black book? is this just a game about greed? I believe those two might be worth something, hah!
Anyway, even if the game could have been far better, it does its job of scarying quite a few times, like, did I mention the fact that the monster might not just be one? Gosh, I just did it.
But that's about it, if you wish to give it a try I'd make sure to have the Unity player for browsers correctly installed, because at the time I was writing this, there wasn't any downloadable pack - I might have seen in the comments something about a releasing a stand-alone installer now that I think of it.

Dark Corners isn't probably a game that you'll remember through the years, but if you want to feel those occasional moments of pure terror you should honestly play it, it's one click away from here!


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