Traal, scary flash game on Android and iOS too

Hello guys, and welcome back to another update.
This morning I'd like to share a game that has been recently ported on Android and iOS devices, it's free in every version available to the public and managed to entertain me for quite a while. Traal, developed in 48 hours for a game jam that took place years ago (I believe), was originally designed as a 2D top-down puzzle browser game, characterized by a linear gameplay and an unexpectedly unsettling soundtrack that looped until I had to take a break removing my headphones. Traal successfully mixed up the concept of "being horror", we've seen monsters that run towards you, entities that devour your soul as soon as you see them but this time is different, in fact, the character you're controlling is going to be terrified by simply looking at the creatures that infest the endless tunnels that you'll go through, the goal is simple though, in order to prevent you from running scared backwards every couple of seconds you just have to stand by and think for a minute. Your field of vision is limited by the light that your lantern issues, pillars and corners will definitely come in handy here, just, make sure that the monsters are constantly veiled by the darkness and you'll be good to go.
Beware, it will become more tricky as you'll approach the end, but don't worry, Traal isn't that challenging after all, and clearly represent a creepy game that can be faced whenever you feel like, plus, there's also the chance to save your game!

Play Traal for free on your browser by clicking here or hunt it on Google Play and iTunes!


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I agree that it had truly disappointing bits,all things considered having possessed the capacity to complete a decent,free game in 30 minutes (without discovering all the scrolls) was exceptionally refreshing.As a side note,any individual who invests their time making something for your pleasure and after that gives it to you for free is to be thanked.~Sandra Allen.

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