Station 015, retro graphics can still give a good scare

Welcome back!
In today's update I wanted to give a little space to a game that I've found while browsing YoYo Games, the default repository of Game Maker's videogames. I was sure that among all the childish, unfinished and unpolished crowd there were still some gems to discover. Station 015 is probably one of those, and even though the engine limits are clear, I found it particularly entertaining. The storyline is simple, you're left alone in a space station with no clues regarding where or how your mates have disappeared, in fact, there's only one thing of which you're pretty sure: something is hiding in the dark. Defenseless and scared you begin your journey through the various sectors looking for help, will you make it?
Station 015 plays like the oldest Quake, a rudimental 3D first person experience that won't definitely impress you if you're one of those that uninstalls a newly acquired game if you don't find anything interesting in 2 minutes worth of gameplay, this is just an advice but, try to reach the second level and then tell me. I also feel like there's just one thing that could have been adjusted, the audio will generally loop if you stay in what I would call an "instance" for longer than you should. No worries though, everything contributes in making this game a chaotic and rapturous challenge that is worth your time.

Download Station 015 for free on YoYo Games, and just then, let me know if I should look for more games like this, there are certainly a lot more! 


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