Slender Space, combine Slender with Dead Space

Hello, it's me once again!
And I'm back with a new game that, even if most of you are already done with the never ending trail of Slender games, could surprisigly keep me entertained till I beat it. Slender Space is a new Slender clone ambiented in a starship that after an horrific crash, is struggling with the power management, I'm still wondering why you're supposed to gather 6 power nodes (that will look like glowing buttons) before getting out from the hopeless ship adrift, but let's not try to argue on that, shall we?
Despite the current stage of development, the game shows already well made graphics empowered by Unity engine and definitely scary atmospherical sounds and yet, I believe that when the 2 players co-op version will come out, Slender Space will have a major explosion. While also keeping in mind that this is not even in beta, I'd like to point out a couple of issues that if fixed, would probably make the game even more creepy and these shall be: the mouse sensitivity would need some adjustment, and from the gameplay perspective, the enemy should be made a bit more glowing, most of the times I ran right in front of him just because it simply doesn't stand out enough. On the other hand, Slender Space has already a standalone executable that works on Windows and if you really wish to play it on a different system, don't worry, there's also a web version that requires just the Unity web player installed on your machine.

Definitely a game that I'll make sure to keep in mind, the latest version can be found, and downloaded for free, on the official site.



I still don't understand why they gave Slender Man a mouth... but it's still pretty fucking scary when be does that scream thing... caught me off guard... 0_0

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