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What's up guys!
Probably, whoever is following me for quite a while knows already what do I think about all the Slender remakes, can't anyway deny that if people keep on looking for new ones, I am somewhat obliged to write about them (assuming that they are at least playable). Yesterday then, I came across this Slender Micro, a brand new release on that plays more like an old pok√®mon game except that, well, you're looking for 5 pages in the middle of a forest, which looks exactly like the one built by the original devs from Parsec Productions.
Unlike how it may look like, Slender Micro is the hardest Slender-like game that I've ever played, and even if the pages to collect are just 5, I couldn't really make it. It felt like our lovely faceless enemy was definitely too fast for our character movement speed, but I'm not here to judge development choices. The game is just a simple NES-style challenge, not particularly scary but neither as bad as many others that I've played along my way. My best advice to beat this mindtricking browser game is to run like there's no tomorrow, never look back, and avoid corners in which you can be caught with no escape, keep always an eye on the easiest way out (especially in the bathroom area) and eventually, walk into the last page to claim your victory!

Play Slender Micro on your browser here! Oh, let me know if you managed to win, I'd better try a couple of hundred more times. See you!


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