Run, the only thing you have to do in this free game

Hey people!
After being stuck on the train that should've brought me home 3 hours earlier, I chose a game that is somewhat related, a game in which you're supposed to be running from the beginning to the end, and guess what? It isn't even boring!
Run is a short first person game developed in Game Maker (I believe) by Tuxedo Games, from what I've understood, this wasn't exactly meant to be a scary game but it probably became one after the boost in popularity injected by some youtubers that I won't be mentioning, just because I don't really know who they are huh. Anyway, there's really nothing much to say about Run, you're in a street completely alone and after a short while, well, something will start to chase you, the problem is clear then, you don't really want to be "claimed" (as it is written in the game) by that guy. You're left with simply two choices though: reaching the checkpoint is definitely one of them, getting caught after running in a maze of asphalt for quite a while is the other, and that's even the more likely to happen. On top of that, after giving a quick look to Tuxedo Games' website, I found that the sequel is on his way and I'll be anxiously looking forward the release.

Download Run and keep track of the upcoming Run Vengeance on the official site, it's free!


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