Password, a little atmospheric flash game

Hello beautiful people!
I just went on a really immersive playthrough, it has been so much inspiring that I couldn't really wait a minute to tell you what kind of game did I discover this time. Password is a 2D side scrolling flash game developed by Ahri Makkonen, a game where you'll be following a small robot through the most important task of its artificial life, I would say. In fact, after a critical failure of the system you'll have to reach the emergency shuttle, insert the correct password and successfully escape from the starship that otherwise, would end up by killing you.
Unfortunately, you're 9 floors below your target and everything feels so claustrophobic, plus, you have just 22 minutes before the unavoidable explosion happens. But that's not all, the mazy levels are also connected just by a single elevator and there's "the chance" that you'll have to manally activate it by finding the main computer situated well far from your way to the top. Password resembles exactly what a flash game has to be nowadays, a well polished game with a clear goal, awesome environmental effects and a surprisingly good voice acting. I still have to beat the game so, I'd better got back at it and leave you with everything else you may need.

Password can be played on your browser (in some sort of full screen) right here, and if you wish, there's also a hungry Facebook page that should deserve way more likes than what it has received so far.


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