Night Of The Rapist, weirdly scary first person game

What's up creepygamers!
Today I'll be throwing a couple of words about a game that I don't think is supposed to be genuinely creepy, it's more like a small hilarious experience that anyway, managed to scare me a couple of times, mostly because of its nonsense unpredictability. Night of the Rapist is a 3D first person puzzle developed in Blender engine, it has not particularly polished textures but it definitely comes with some very atmospherical soundtracks, the goal is easy, complete the few different levels without being caught by the evil rapists. The various settings will resemble a library, a forest (that will make you think you're playing Slender) and a road in the middle of nowhere, and in everyone, you'll realize that you're running away from a different enemy. What really drove my crazy is getting to the end, the game needs to be played just to reach it, I can tell!
Just be aware, I usually describe every game as if it is the best that I've ever played so, especially for this one, I feel like I should point out that Night of the Rapist is definitely far from being called a real game, but, it certainly has what it takes to be mentioned here.

Download for free Night of the Rapist on, I apologize if you won't like this, I know I get excited for everything with no apparent reasons.



RandomPickle here! (creator of this... "game")
I really put no effort into it, figured NO ONE would catch on or play it :/
But glad you liked it! Part two is in progress :D


Random Pickle, i'll do a nice let's play of this game! I'm from Sudamerica, we'll see if they like it as much as I!

Do a second part and beyond!!!

Greetings from Argentina.


I want the name of the songs in the game! :3


me too :3

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