Mondo Medicals, unsettling first person puzzle

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To find this one I literally had to browse a thousand sites, download a lot of games that were definitely different from what I was looking for until I could finally remember how was this uncommon masterpiece called. This is Mondo Medicals, a game developed in Game Maker around 2007 and even if it seems like it has a quite huge fan-circle, I definitely wanted to make this bigger, games such as this should be known by the whole world, might just be because of its weird originality, but I'm totally fallen in love with the concept behind this eerie first person puzzle game. You've signed up for a research project to discover the final cure for cancer, and the only character you'll ever interact with is the mysterious guy that you can see in the picture, he'll shout at you a lot of creepy statements before letting you enter in the many test labyrinths and every time you'll complete one of these, he will appear with many more nonsense indications making the next challenge a little bit more scary, somehow. The surroundings will be always the same, and that's probably why the sense of anxiety grows as the game proceeds, so, if I had to choose a game between Mondo Medicals and a brand new horror adventure that look the same as every other, I'd choose to play this one. Originality over quality! That's my motto.

Mondo Medicals can be downloaded for free right on the YoYo Games portal.


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