Minecraft Map Spotlight: Deadline Survival

What's happening everyone!
It's time for the latest spotlight here at Creepygaming and today, I got an interesting map to review, it's a rather new one and I can already see it growing in popularity on a daily basis, so, with no further hesitation, let's dive in today's Minecraft Map Spotlight!
Deadline Survival is a short experience in a claustrophobic jungle biome, in which you're required to gather at least 9 emeralds (out of 15 in total) scattered around the map. What makes this challenge a little out of the ordinary is the limited time, in fact, you have just 7 days to fulfill the minimum goal, because right when the 7th night will come, you'll be shifted in the end-game, a room where you'll be trading your emerald block for the key that represents your safety, plus, a delicious cake for every additional emerald. But then again, what if you couldn't find the required emeralds? no problems! Just push the button that meets your criteria and you'll be, erm, free anyway. In addition to all this good stuff, it has been made also available the hardcore mode for this one, 5 days and one life only. Warning, this is just for the brave ones!
And that's pretty much it, Deadline Survival it's a solid experience, a well polished mini-game that will keep you entertained for quite a while if you're into Minecraft.

Check the screenshots and download this fantastic custom map on the Minecraft forums, good luck!


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