Half Life 2 Mod: Spherical Nightmares

A lot of time has passed since the day I could find a new Half Life mod that wasn't too obvious but neither too bad and today, it seems like I managed to find a new one. Spherical Nightmares is an Half Life 2: Episode Two mod released at the end of the past February, it's free but as such, it requires you to have your copy of the original game installed and lying on your Steam account (I can't believe that there are people still missing these), nowadays, a full Half Life bundle costs almost nothing, and believe me or not, that insignificant price is often knocked more to the ground during special sales periodically.
In this particular mod, that has been in development for almost five years, the key is the loyalty to the saga, in fact, you'll be playing the one and only Morgan Freeman in a world that gives the feeling of being playing a real sequel of our most loved series. On top of all the good stuff that the engine provides by itself, Spherical Nightmares is a surprisingly long adventure, comes with a great mapping and has clearly one of the most intense fight system that I've ever seen in a HL mod, bashing zombies and soldiers has never been this delicious. The few added puzzles are easy enough to keep this mod what I'd like to call: a "casual" one, even if the longevity and some situations are really challenging, can't add anything else without spoiling so, go get it!

Definitely a must-have for the fans, and a good way to start if you're not into modding. Download Spherical Nightmares for free on moddb.com, good luck!


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