Darkwood, a pre-alpha of a survival horror roguelike

That's right dear reader.
Today I'm going to be listing some of the features of this game that is being developed by Acid Wizard Studio, a 3-man indie team that are producing a really promising title. Darkwood is going to be a rather oldschool-ish top down survival horror in a procedurally generated open world in order to provide unlimited replayability and huge scares, at least from what I can see in the trailer above. The gameplay will perfectly suit the most hardcore gamers out there, the death will be permanent and of course, nothing is set, you just have to survive as much as possible, which is definitely what should make you appreciate even more the horror component, in fact, the absolute absence of any checkpoint should make you feel like you're the real person that's being threatened. In addition, Darkwood will also be influenced by RPG elements, your character will learn abilities, obtain crafting recipes and if you manage to survive enough, be extremely unique.
I'm excited, can't really deny it and even if this is a pre-alpha build, everything looks already damn smooth to me, Darkwood jumped on top of my most awaited games list with just a simple trailer of 3 minutes, how impressive!

If you wish to keep track of the development state, I highly suggest you to bookmark their official site.


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