Closure, game of blacks and whites

I'm coming today with a game that's been around for quite a while and I believe it is already known by anyone fond of indie gaming due to its major awards collected during the development process. In my case though, I discovered Closure thanks to the Steam Spring Sale, an initiative that is still available that knocked every single independent game's on the platform price down - even by 75% on some - the game looked cool and I got it for less than $5.
We're standing in front of a revolutionary puzzle/platforming game, it's all centered on the theme of light and I had some hard times to get in the idea that what's standing in the dark won't be of any help, basically, through the help of lamps and light bulbs that you will carry, the objective is to keep illuminated your path from the entrance of the level, to the opposite edge where you'll eventually find the door that leads to the next challenge. But what really makes Closure one of a kind is the atmosphere, a creepy soundtrack will follow you through all the way and even if nothing scary will happen, it gave me the feeling that I had to be afraid of something. Winner of the excellence award at Indiecade (2010) and innovation in audio at the Indie Games Festival (IGF), without forgetting the grand prize at Indie Game Challenge obtained the last year, Closure is exactly what originality means to me. No various rip offs were used to produce this incredible title, and I'm glad I've found it.

Everything you need to know about Closure is on, and if you really want to give it a try, there's also the original flash game from which this masterpiece first originated on


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