Black Out: The Proof, does Slender exist?

What's up guys?
I must admit, I was genuinely skeptic when I downloaded the game I'm going to be talking in this update but once again, I was totally wrong, Black Out: The Proof went well beyond my poor expectations thankfully. Never judge a game if you haven't played it already.
Anyway, this time we're in front of a first person 3D game developed in Unity engine that could innovatively recycle the over-used Slender myth, and even if the graphics looked a bit omitted on my end, I gladly faced this new challenge ending up by being scared quite a few times. Black Out: The Proof tells the story of a guy that after having avoided Slenderman once, can't live with the weight of being considered crazy by his friends, there are no choices in his mind, so he decides to venture again in the deadly forest. This time though, you bring a camera, and you won't be leaving until you get 8 well made pictures of this shady creature, the battery is limited, so are the photos attempts. Just... Do not waste your time taking pictures of the foggy environment.

Black Out: The Proof can be downloaded for free on, are you ready for another intense Slender experience?


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