Avoid The Gloom, a fast paced puzzle in the dark

What's happening everyone?
I'm back again with a new game that has been featured on gamejolt.com yesterday after having been live for less than 2 weeks, I believe, and that's exactly what makes you instantly think that it has to be good. Avoid The Gloom is a 2D fast paced puzzler browser game developed by a lone coder named Floriaen following the onegameamonth formula, the game is divided in a few levels where you'll be required to find the door that leads to the next one, most of the times though, a key will be needed in order to do so. Too easy, but, did I mention the deep darkness that covers almost the whole map? Well, now I did!
And that's exactly what you're supposed to avoid (as the title would suggest), while stepping in the complete darkness, the rudimentary bar shown in the top of the screen that probably indicates your sanity will be drained faster than the light, bringing you to an early death most of the times. A few torches can be also found scattered around the map, pick them up, and run as fast as you can through the enlighten tunnels because the fire you're carrying, will fade pretty fast!

Avoid The Gloom can be played on your browser for free right here.


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