Auti-Sim, A journey into autism

Hello everybody.
Today I'll be writing a little worse than how I usually do, yesterday I've been at the hospital because of an allergic attack caused by something that we still need to figure out, risked to die, I might say. Anyway I'm back and the game I wanted to expose yesterday is Auti-Sim. An intense short experience developed by a canadian gamedev named TaylanK that could pull out a little first person browser game where you'll be playing as an autistic child with auditory hypersensitivity. I don't know if this can be even close to how does children affected with the stated disease react, but if it is, now I'm one step closer to understanding how hard can life be sometimes.
As you'll approach your loud classmates in the garden, the voices will turn your senses in a true mess, the static noises literally made me run away looking for the only place where I could really stay. That place unfortunately, is the same place where we use to see everyone that seem to be in troubles of any kind: alone, as far as possible from anyone.

The game is developed in Unity engine and you'll need to have the Unity player installed in order to play Auti-Sim in your browser, now, go and play it!


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