The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Teaser

Hello guys!
Just some minutes ago I had the pleasure to read about this new upcoming fiction horror that has been unveiled by the brand new indie studio The Astronauts, a group created by the formers of People Can Fly, a company that should be already known for having released games such as Bulletstorm or Painkiller. With The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, they aim to reach a new level of immersive storytelling and the whole experience is going to be focused around a detective with supernatural abilities that makes him able to see and prevent lethal crimes beforehand. This time, you seem to be investigating on a kidnapping of a young boy that will lead you in a beautiful mountain area, the fact, is that during your trip you'll definitely face a worse scenario in front of you: a trail of mutilated bodies of one of the kidnappers. But now, well, now we can only enjoy the short teaser and wait for more updates.

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