Surgeon Simulator 2013, from the creepy perspective

Alright here we are.
Chances you've already heard of this game are insanely high and I still have to understand how could such an experiment become so viral in a matter of a few days, but today I'm not definitely going to talk about how do weird games become mainstream. In fact, I'd love to focus on how can Surgeon Simulator 2013 be considered a really bloody experience. But first of all, this is a freeware simulation game developed in Unity engine and released by Bossa Studios where you'll find yourself handling a critical heart transplant with no medical knowledge and a lot of tools that seem to be out of place. Despite the fun of trying to pick up any object and holding it like every other human being would do, if you have a mad mind like I do you'll probably see this from a totally different perspective: there's a man with his body wide open and you, are the only one who can decide how to torture him to death. Also, I still have to understand if we're supposed to actually perform successfully the transplant because no matter what I do, I always end up by killing the poor guy.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 can be directly played online on your browser or if you prefer, you can download it for free just by clicking here. How will you kill him?


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