Stonewick Manor, a Digipen's game

Hello again!
Today I'm going to show you a game that has been produced by a team of students from Digipen's Institute of Technology, an university that shouldn't really sound new to those who constantly try to stay up to date with the world of the indie games, in fact, these guys keep on releasing a wide range of free games every once in a while. But then again, the game that I've selected this time is Stonewick Manor, a polished 3D puzzle game that doesn't really take too long to reach the ending, which is definitely the surprise and the best part of this short game. In this particular adventure you'll be facing creepy baby-size statues that seem like they're moving towards you, and if this doesn't sound scary at all, well, I really suggest you to try it out. The gameplay scheme isn't innovative, it requires you to find a couple of keys and then obtain 3 coloured gems to be able to escape that creepy mansion, which doesn't make sense at all to me, but if it's the scary atmosphere and the smooth playthrough what we're looking for, then Stonewick Manor is the answer!

Download Stonewick Manor for free on and have fun!


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