PokeSlender, that's another Slender clone

Oh please don't be mad at me, but this evening I just had to write about this new Slender clone.
Might just be that I used to be a huge Pokèmon fan, but this PokeSlender is a brand new haunted forest where it seems like you've lost your 6 pokèballs, it's free and developed in Unity engine; While it probably still needs some recalibration on the line of sight I can honestly say that it can already be considered better than most of the other attempts that you can periodically see. Also, this game, considering the many buildings scattered around the woods has the true capacity of recreating that feeling when you used to enter in that claustrophobic kind of toilet in the original Parsec Production's work, if you know what I mean. After my first playthrough, that couldn't go as far as I wanted (got caught when I though that I was about to get my fourth pokèball), I also realized that it has been applied another cool twist to this: one enemy was simply not enough, in fact, you'll be running away from multiple filthy pokèmons and in the end, you'll even know who did end up by killing you.

PokeSlender is  available for Windows and Mac. If you wish, it can be downloaded straight from here.


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