I Can't Escape, a differently scary browser game

Hey hey everyone!
I'm coming back with a browser game that has been released at the end of the past January. I Can't Escape is ridiculously eerie considering its retro graphics, it obviously revolves around a dark and oppressive dungeon from which you have to escape, it is divided in a few floors and you'll realize that the way to proceed, well, it isn't always that clear. I couldn't even believe when I also found out that this game makes basically fun of you, trust me, I Can't Escape is the first game that I've ever played that punish a player if he's doing exactly what it takes to successfully escape. You'll get this statement while playing it, so don't worry, the concept is truly awesome but I've found it just a bit unnerving in the long run.
There are some troubles that I've read right below the game unfortunately, in fact, it seems like that if you're running Windows 8 you'll have hard times to play this, there should be a work-around anyway.

Play I Can't Escape on your browser for free on newgrounds.com.


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