Depression Quest, an interactive (non) fiction

Alright, here we are!
This sort of game actually made me feel so emotional, it has nothing to do with jumpscares, creepy scenes and whatnot but it's definitely an experience that knows how to tickle your feelings, especially if you're not in an optimal mood. As the three developers said, Depression Quest, is an interactive (non) fiction where you'll impersonate a guy visibly depressed, that is focused on dealing with an unsatisfying work, a hard relationship and all the daily stuff that shouldn't really be considered a problem. This interactive story  represents perfectly how hard is to struggle with depression and it can be played either for free in your browser, or with the "pay what you want" formula; all the revenue will be then devolved to iFred, a charity that aims to fight the depression. So, beside the great initiative that Zoe Quinn, Patrick Lindsey and Isaac Schankler have built, Depression Quest comes also with an extremely deep soundtrack and a list of interesting pictures that not only fit with the story, but can also evoke an unique sense of despair that I found really hard to manage. It's unimaginable how can the depression in relatively young individuals present common signals.

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