Creepy websites you wouldn't like to find

Hello people.
Today we'll be talking about something that is definitely different from what we usually treat but since I found them, I thought that someone may appreciate this. So, without any further hesitation, let's get started with the Top 3 creepy websites you wouldn't like to find.

At the third place we find:, a psychedelic page full of nonsense and yet, the sound that will start to play in the background gave me the feeling of falling so deep in the nothingness. was made by Rafaƫl Rozendaal, seems like a quite weird artist, wouldn't you agree?

The second place is held by:, another site made by the same artist. This one comes with a blank page, nothing will happen here, well, beside the old-school telephone that will start to ring until you close the window. I swear, I waited for so long staring at this, but no matter what, it will always leave you with the sense of having missed something, it's almost like you know it's going to happen something. Unfortunately there are no surprises, the game just ends right there.

And here we are, at the first place we have:, I still have to understand if this one should be considered a game, or just a majestic piece of creepy art, the entire purpose of this page is to grab the apples thrown at you and eat them, the woman will become a little fattier every apple eaten until, well, find that out! I recommend you to turn your speakers on when "playing" because I'd honestly claim that the soundtrack plays the central role in all this purple weirdness.

That was it for today's Top 3! Let me know if I should compose some more list like this one regarding anything you like, laters!


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