99 Rooms, oldschool-ish browser game

Hello again.
Today I'm coming up with a browser game that has been probably forgotten through the many years that has passed since this unbelievably good game was released. 99 Rooms appeared for the first time back in 2004, and it certainly represents one of the first flash point & click horror games that have been designed. What makes 99 Rooms a game that is still enjoyable as the day when it first came out, it's probably the extremely artistic visuals that keep on being displayed room by room. The goal is simple: find something to interact with, and move onto the next level but don't worry, even though I really wanted to share this game for its artistic value, it has also some true scary scenes that will most probably pick you unprepared.  On top of that, the whole game relies also on a good environmental sound concept and I honestly couldn't stop to play until I was done with it.

Play 99 Rooms on your browser by reaching the titular site with a simple click!


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