Which, a short freeware full of jumpscares

Hello again dear reader.
I'm genuinely surprised that I haven't had the chance to play this game till yesterday, I'm also sure that this will not sound new to the most of you but it indeed deserves a spot in Creepy Gaming. Which, is a free horror indie game mainly focused on escaping a little complex of rooms resolving puzzles, hints will appear from time to time making easy to figure out how to proceed. Anyway, this game is clearly made to provide everything but a revolutionary gameplay, in fact, the strength of Which is relying on those figures that someone would call "cheap jumpscares". In my opinion, though, I've never seen such a short game capable of frightening you from the beginning to the end, in addition, the graphical effect applied to the surroundings, makes everything more scary. The full playthrough can't take more than 20 minutes, it is free and truly terrifying, what are you waiting for?

Which can be downloaded for free on gamejolt.com, take care!


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