UnExit, a terrifying free maze game

Hey people!
Today I'd like to spend some minutes speaking about a short game made in a few days that has been released the 27th of January, it comes straight from the creator of SCP-432, that I still haven't had the time to cover, and it certainly represent an awesome way to invest 10 minutes of your spare time.
 Anyway, this is UnExit, a 3D horror game developed in Unity engine that casts the player in a dark maze. While wandering in search of an exit, you'll be scared by obvious, yet terrifying atmospheric sounds until you will probably end up by finding who's directly threatening yourself but won't tell anything about this. Unfortunately, I can't really say anything more, as the poor (in terms of longevity) content would be entirely  spoiled, and there's nothing left to leave you the link to download UnExit.
Good luck with it!


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