The Room, unsettling freeware with multiple endings

Here I am.
Today I'm going to be talking about a game that may not shine for its graphics, nor the gameplay overall as it was made in 4 days for Gamejolt's Fear Contest ending up by taking the first place. The Room is a short first person horror game in which you play as a patient locked in a sanatorium and, of course, you wish to escape. Haunted by horrific memories, you'll have to interact with the objects that may trigger quite scary images, the game also, comes with 3 different available endings, I believe, which can be selected by choosing a different path in the beginning test. The controls are somewhat frustrating, especially when it comes to jump, at least you won't be using it that much so, if I had 10 minutes of spare time, I would definitely give The Room a go. Concluding, I don't really wish to say that this is a game that you could enjoy only if there wasn't anything else to do, the atmosphere and the occasional flickering lights make it anyway enough well made to stand out of the crowd.

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