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Hello guys and girls!
This morning I was greeted with an email from IndieGala telling me that there were a couple of new mini-bundles, now, if you're reading Creepy Gaming since the beginning, you already know how much do I love bundles in general.
Then, less than a hour ago I watched closely if there was anything worth a mention, and, although the mail I received was definitely a bit misleading, I anyway found one of the four bundles rather interesting, which is The Alien Shooter Bundle. This one follows the usual rules, get the first game paying less than 1$, beat the average to unlock all the features.

What can you get:
  • I Am Weapon (Obtainable by paying just 0.99$, redeemable on Desura)
  • Alien Shooter (paying 4.99$, comes in form of Steam key)
  • Alien Shooter 2: Conscription (Same as above)
  • Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded (See above)
All these games are developed by Sigma Team, an indipendent studio that can be seen as an expert in the survival gaming scene, as it produced a huge variety of other adventures on the topic. Anyway, I understand why the four selected games have been undoubtedly chosen among the others; That's clearly because of the similar style, an isometrical arcade-ish shoot 'em up where the only thing you're meant to do is to kill everything that moves. Graphics wise though, don't expect anything too good as I believe that all the listed games are already fairly aged (except maybe for I Am Weapon). But then again, do you have 5 spare bucks? Use them to get The Alien Shooter bundle, I'm sure you won't regret.

Gameplay trailers, downloads, screenshots and much more can be found on the Gala Store!


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